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Piece together a tragic yet remarkable piece of history! On April 10, 1912, the Titanic, the largest ship in the world at the time, departed from the port of Southampton, UK with approximately 2,200 passengers and crew members bound for New York City.

Four days later, the great ship struck an iceberg and, in just a few hours, flooded, broke in two, and sank to the ocean floor.

It was one of the most tragic yet most famous maritime disasters in history. Now, with the help of over 1,800 micro-sized building blocks, you can relive the Titanic's glory, grandeur, and brilliance one piece at a time.

Follow along with the detailed instructions as you rebuild the hull, the living quarters, the decks, the smoke stacks, and more, all with amazing detail you never knew blocks could provide.

It sounds daunting, but as soon as you start building, you'll see it's fascinatingly fun! Before you know it, standing before you will be a massive, eighteen-inch model of the great ship herself!

Unleash the power of your brain and your fingertips as you bring history to life with the Nanoblock Titanic building set.