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Sagrada Familia papernano

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A massive feat of architecture, this complex Basilica in Barcelona is made of tall thin spire-like towers that reach toward the heavens! Although the first stone was laid over a hundred years ago (in 1882), construction continues through today! Like the churches and castles of old, this is one modern build that takes generations of workers to complete! It's exquisite and detailed, and the plans for the Basilica forced the architect Antoni Gaudi to re-think everything people knew about architecture. He created a new architecture made of balanced pieces that were self-supporting. He also followed geometric patterns and shapes found in nature--from branching trees to the spirals of sea shells. Can you find representations of the hyperboloids, paraboloids, helicoids, ellipsoids, and conoids that Gaudi used throughout the temple? This Paper Nano model is made of laser-cut paper. Carefully punch each piece out of the labeled cards, then curl, fold, and attach with tabs or glue as instructed. Be patient and have a steady hand! Suggested tools for the build include tweezers and an Exacto knife. Keep some clear-drying glue on hand, and possibly a toothpick for application. The Sagrada Familia will have 18 towers when complete. The towers will represent the gospel: the large (unfinished) central tower will represent Jesus Christ, with four "Towers of the Evangelists" representing the 4 gospels, a star-topped tower representing Mary, and 12 smaller towers for the apostles. Completed, it will stand 172.5 meters tall! Gaudi wanted to have pinnacles and loftiness as a building theme, reaching towards God. He also wanted to allow the entry of light, comforting and perfect for meditation, through skylights, stained glass, reflective tiles, and gold and green glass. The Sagrada Familia currently reaches the height of the 4 Towers of the Evangelists (since the main tower has not been completed), but this model, with the display box, measures 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.3 inches! Get into your meditative state of mind, find your tweezers, and start assembling this amazing Basilica!