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1. Can I order online?

Answer: Yes you can order online. Just click the "ADD TO CART" button on the right side of each product page you are interested in.

2. Does Schylling ship internationally?

Answer: For orders online we only ship in the Continental US.

3. I placed an order on your website and would like to know the status of my order. Who should I talk to?

Answer: Shopatron support is available by calling (877) 412-7467. Or visit

Operating Hours:
Monday-Thursday 6AM - 6PM (Pacific Time)
Friday 6AM - 4PM (Pacific Time)

4. Is it safe to buy online and use Shopatron?

Answer: Yes it is safe and millions of people do. If it wasn’t safe, we would be out of business! Your security is Shopatron's top priority. All of your information is protected using state of the art technologies.



What is Shopatron

The Shopatron network makes shopping more convenient for Schylling customers.

While the Internet has made it easier to learn about products you need (by going to our website), it hasn't always made it easier to buy the products (since we don't sell direct to the public). The Shopatron network was developed to help.

Once you have located the products you need in our website, you may order from Schylling's Shopatron-enabled catalog at a suggested retail price. Get your goodies a few days later. The innovative Shopatron network is safe and secure and it makes the connection from "find" to "buy" to "enjoy" - you conveniently avoid the shopping odyssey.

The unique way Shopatron works is by linking Schylling’s website to an online catalog, where you can see all of our products. After placing your order online, an authorized Shopatron/Schylling authorized Retailer fills and ships your order. One of this retailer's responsibilities is to offer great support and after-sale service. Each Shopatron authorized retailer must meet strict service-quality standards to ensure that you have a satisfying experience every time you buy using the Schylling's online website and Shopatron network.

Lastly, you know how important it can be to support local retailers. We're happy to say that the Shopatron network fully supports the local shops you rely on. After they are signed-up onto the Shopatron network, they will start sending orders as authorized Shopatron retailers for Schylling (and making sales in the process) to local customers like you.


Toy & Game Instructions


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